Chun Yin Rainbow Chan | How Deep Is Your Like? | 2017 | Performance | Storage boxes | Facebook Notifications | Photobooth Documentation | Bubble wrap } Contact Mics. First performed for STORAGE, a group show curated by Katie Ukleja and Maeve Parker.

This work draws on ideas from Wendy Chun’s essay “The Enduring Ephemeral, or The Future is a Memory”. Digital electronic memory has rendered fleeting IRL moments into permanent fixtures of our imaginations. Memory and storage are conflated, thus defying the natural process of forgetting. Chun argues that the defining feature of new media (e.g. social networking, Youtube, emails) is its non-simultaneity: "What is surprising is not that digital media fades, but rather that it stays at all." As the old is constantly being rediscovered as new, we find ourselves “tied to an inhumanly precious and unrelenting clock.” We grapple daily with deep-likes and a memory from “X years ago”; our thumbs are slaves to a claustrophobically addictive electronic archive. How does the enduring ephemeral warp our understandings of time and place, of others and of the self?